The Green House Kitchen - "Masterpiece Salad"

All they have for entrées are salads. But the salads are damn good and I'm not even sure I would consider it a salad. Just get over it people, the trend is healthy eating and TGHK is doing it right.

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Rating - 4.5 stars
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The ambiance, the food and the service. I feel like there are three main components that make up the complete restaurant experience these days. The inside is very open and clean looking, it definitely stands up to it's name of being a green house kitchen. Root style decorations and natural decor make it feel like you are one with nature.

We started with a cup of their chickpea zesty basil soup topped with a fried bay leaf and a cup of homemade horchata. We are still talking about how good the soup was. The flavors and fresh ingredients were perfectly balanced. We could not get enough of it! The horchata was not like I was used to tasting in Southern California, but I could tell it was made with real ingredients.

Then we received our fresh oven baked flatbread with cauliflower and tomatoes that were drizzled with a balsamic glaze. They even gave us paddles to use as extra plates that followed in the natural footsteps of the establishments wooden dinnerware theme. This was perfectly crisp and fluffy coming out hot and fresh.

On to the main event, the salads! The Masterpiece was laid out in a very chic manner with a little ball of goat cheese in the middle. The goat cheese was awesome and I was able to muster up a little piece of it with every bite. The big wooden bowls allowed me to scurry my food around and make each bite better than the last while keeping the dressing in a bowl and dipping each bite in it. The bacon was perfectly crisp for a salad and the fresh artichoke heart was perfectly fitted with the dish. The greens were all fresh and the mixture of seeds and cheese all made my little tummy smile.

The Thai Me Up salad was also amazing with it's big hunks of sliced flank steak laid out over the soba noodles with the ginger dressing "thai-ing" everything together. All in all a great experience and a fun time. Not too formal but well worth it.

The service was the only thing that held it back for the customers that came in after us since it seemed like the only waitress there was struggling a bit. But hey, that's a good thing to have your place get more business than you expected!
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Healthy Food Near Me | TGHK

Shogun is the locally owned and original hibachi steak house in Virginia Beach since 1984. Our family and friends have been creating memories in this restaurant for over 30 years now.

If you are looking for the hardest working and most entertaining group of chefs in Coastal Virginia, look no further than Shogun.

It has just been newly renovated and can accommodate large parties. Whether you are looking for a nice place to watch some football and drink sake bombs with your sushi or an entertaining night out, Shogun is the place to be.

With a full service sushi bar, a tropical cocktail bar and lounge and private banquet rooms, Shogun is the perfect place to host your event. From the moment you walk in, you will hear the happy cries of guests celebrating catching their first piece of shrimp in their mouth thrown by a deadly accurate hibachi chef's spatula.

Come see for yourself why this place is the best in Coastal Virginia and has hosted some of the most legendary customers in Hampton Roads.




Sushi Near Me | Shogun Japanese Hibachi and Steak House & Sushi Restaurant

Stuck in Virginia Beach, but feel like getting away? A trip down to the Virginia Beach oceanfront will allow you to do just that at Il Giardino's.

They are constantly updating their menu items and specials, so a great way to keep up with their seasonal offerings is to visit their Facebook page.

A full bar on one side offering a dining experience in an open atmosphere complete with a piano and perhaps violinist accompanying your meal.

And on the other side, a living tree set right in the middle of the restaurant's center provides a starry night to guests who will feel like they have slipped away to a little forgotten corner in Italy. A real wood burning pizza oven provides fresh baked goods.

Wintertime offers up a 2-for-1 Sunday dinner special, 1/2 off wine nights and the occasional throw back menu, where the only thing throw back are the prices.

We have been here many times for the personable and well trained wait-staff. The food has always been very well prepared, timely and great tasting. Very authentic.




Italitan Food Near Me | Il Giardino Ristorante

I have been an Uber driver for almost a year now so I'd have to say I'm pretty well versed in the Uber world. I signed up in Virginia Beach, which is where I live, and it has been very fun and rewarding.

If you want to sign up as an Uber driver you can use my signup code IMSRF and you'll get an extra $150 after your first few rides (or whatever the promo is at that time). Which is awesome.. I'll get some money too so do it!

Anyways, all my friends that have signed up have asked me a lot of questions about driving for Uber, so I figured I would answer a lot of questions that they are always asking.

Keep in mind these answers are only specific to the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Suffolk areas of Hampton Roads in Virginia.

Question 1: How much will I make if I drive 4-5 hours per day?

I wish the answer was more simple than it is. As any driver or rider for Uber knows, there is a thing called "Surge Pricing". Which means if there is a lot of demand for rides, Uber will increase the rate to get more drivers to a specific area.

If you drive during festivals, events or holidays you will make much more.

I have also found that a long ride will get you more money than a few short rides. For a few different reasons. Short rides have lots of breaks and you are not getting paid the whole time.. obvious enough but it is apparent when you are sitting in the middle of nowhere.

Question 2: Is it safe?

I believe is is more safe than some people think. The reason is, riders rank drivers. And also, drivers rank riders.

So both parties can see whether the other party is a nut job or not. Also, if a driver loses a certain amount of stars, Uber will cut them off and they won't be allowed to drive. So the community is strong and will filter out the bad seeds very quickly.

Question 3: How much does it cost?

Usually, with the exception of "surge pricing" times. An Uber ride is cheaper than a traditional taxi cab. In addition, usually there are more Uber drivers out on the road so you will get a ride much faster than going through a cab company.

Question 4: How does it work?

Well... what a loaded question. Dick.

Just joking, I think there will always be cab companies. But the difference is, Uber drivers work for themselves. When you contract an Uber driver for a ride, the app is the middle-man. You don't have to call the cab company to ask where your driver is, why they are late, etc.

The app shows you where the driver is, and estimated time of arrival. Along with contact info directly to the driver. So if you have special requests or trouble finding the driver, a simple text or phone call will connect you directly to the driver.

Learn more about driving with Uber - Click Here

Question 5: How do I make the most money possible working for Uber?

I put this question in there, just because it is a question you only know to ask after you consider or actually start to drive for Uber.

Since there are not as many drivers in Virginia Beach, which is where I mainly drive. There are nuances to getting the most 'bang for your buck'. First off, having a fuel efficient car is DEFINITELY a plus. Mine is not so I get hit harder with gas prices offsetting my profit more than others.

It may seem like you would want to get on the road when nobody else is out there so you could get all the rides and make more money. Or at least that was my thinking at one point.

Until I got a ride request from someone that was about 30 minutes away from me. I was like, okay cool, this is fine.... They wanted a ride like 5 blocks down the road. Nuance.

I spent 20 miles worth of gas, 30 minutes of time and was left in the middle of nowhere so I had to drive back to civilization, which took about another 30 minutes to get back and get another ride. So an hour later I was $5 richer and 1 hour and $10 in gas more poor.

So short answer, don't drive when you are the only Driver out at the time. You will spend more money than you make.

Question 6: How do you do taxes as an Uber driver?

What do I look like.. a CPA?! No I had to look into this, it is a shady area for me as well since I'm horrible at taxes. You are basically an independent contractor, so basically 30% of your income will be taxed.

But. You can apparently either write off, car repairs, tires and permits/registration costs or mileage. But not both. So if you can, keep track of both and whichever adds up to more at the end of the year is what you will write off. Keep a mileage log, starting time/miles and ending time/miles.

Some articles I read say you can't start writing off miles until you pick up your first fare, but that's peanuts.

I think you can get like 0.30 cents a mile, but ask somebody that knows better than me, because I just turn in all my info to a guy that knows a guy that knows another guy whose wife is actually a CPA. Or my dad... nevermind.

Learn more about driving with Uber - Click Here

Still have questions? Too bad! (contact me and I will return your call at our earliest convenience or just comment below)

Additional Notes: When you sign up in Hampton Roads, you are under the Richmond Uber hub, so all the text and email notifications you get will be geared towards driving in Richmond. They will alert you of events going on around Richmond for surge pricing incentives.

Driving for Uber - 6 Questions You Should Be Asking

No Dreads is a crowd pleasing musical adventure that started around the year 2002. They have been around motivating and formulating their sound for ever. If there is ever a show in Virginia Beach, No Dreads will likely be or have been one of the performing artists in the venue at one point or another. Their act features many of your favorite cover shows, acoustic sets from single members, crowd pleasing singles from their self-released albums and everything in between. Mostly reggae infused punk flair perfect for hipster-gypsy island style vibes.


Local Music Near Me | No Dreads

The Isle of Capri Restaurant in Virginia Beach, VA is located on the 6th floor of the Holiday Inn Hotel at the oceanfront. This place is special. Not so advertised, but do not ever underestimate the eccentric feel of this place. Whether you are a local trying to woo your girlfriend or an out of towner interested in impressing the hell out of your clients, The Isle of Capri is a low-key beach destination that will definitely impress.


Italian Food Near Me | Isle of Capri

I have been looking for a place that has info about the ZoomBenefits program. There is one thing I CAN tell you about this program is that it works. I have signed up for it and saved small but significant amounts of money on my cell phone bill, cable and other perks such as free appetizers and more.

Isn't This A Scam?? - Nope Not This One

It is not the scam where people are being swindled by car wrap advertising scams or like the other ones where the BBB warns consumers about car wrap scams from the Better Business Bureau.

This is a corporate benefits account where you sign up and receive the same discounts that large corporations receive.

Here is a video I found that is on YouTube that explains in more detail what the program can do for you. (Good Guy Disclaimer: link below to goes to our affiliate website where we will receive a small referral fee if you sign up for ZoomBenefits)

---> Learn More <---

It really is a great way to save money. It's basically a digital version of the Entertainment book kids used to sell to parents in school!

Can I Sign Up And Make Money From This Too?

If you want to make money by advertising for ZoomBenefits yourself: keep reading below (link at the very bottom to sign up for ReferralCars)! 

If you are a social butterfly and can't stop talking about the latest way you saved money and want even more ways to make money check out this article on The Penny Hoarder about 35-More Refer-A-Friend Programs That Make You Money

All of these are perfect for those that drive for a living or interact with customers on a daily basis. Giving your customers and riders a printed out pamphlet with ways to save money is priceless. 

Even if you own a retail store. Setting up a page with links (here is a tutorial on how to set up a free mini website that has a list of links) will make you money online while you sleep. 

Once you set up a list of links for customers to visit using your affiliate accounts, you can make a card with this link on it. Once they visit it, if they sign up or use any of the accounts, You Make Money!! Make money from home without doing a thing.

Can You Get Paid to Put Ads on Your Car? Depends — if You Drive a Lot

Especially if you drive for UBER or LYFT and you want to make extra income. 

But be wary, since there are a LOT of scams out there that deal with this exact type of setup. Learn more about what they look like at the Penny Hoarders blog article about whether or not a car wrap company is a scam

Want to make money by getting people signed up for Zoom Benefits and make money from home too?

ReferralCars is the company that lets you work from home and sign up for the ZoomBenefits program. They will match you up with a company that pays you to put their ad on your vehicle. 

Since the company is fairly new and have not sold a bunch of ad programs across the United States there is a high percentage chance that you will get matched up as a driver for ZoomBenefits. 


ReferralCars and ZoomBenefits Sticker Car-Wrap Decal

ZoomBenefits Review For Legit Car-Wrap Advertising Company

 Jessie Chong is a music act like no other. Whether Jessie is slingin' sauce on his portable drum machine fueling a party atmosphere full of unattainable grooves that match your soul or stealing the show with The Jessie Chong Band. This is one act you won't want to miss. If you have the opportunity to catch one of his shows while you are in town, I would highly advise you to do so!
A Virginia Beach native and all around cool person, Jessie Chong is making a huge name for himself in the music world. Be a part of history and be sure to read about him at his website below.

Facebook Fan Page

Local Music Near Me | Jessie Chong

The Lynnhaven Fishing Pier is located on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Also home to the Lynnhaven Fish House Restaurant and the Pier Cafe featuring formal dining inside or Key West style happy hours on the pier, the Lynnhaven Fishing Pier is family owned and operated since 1956. There is lots of fun to be had in this relaxed atmosphere. Recently extended and re-modeled in 2011 the pier is one of the most incredible ways to catch some spot, croaker, bluefish, flounder, blue crab, puppy drum, bluefish and more! You can buy or rent poles and equipment from the pier, usually two hooks and a weight, a knife, and a towel, and the bait of choice for this area would have to be bloodworms!

Fishing Near Me | Lynnhaven Fishing Pier

The C-Level sportfishing boat in Virginia Beach is a reel thrill! If you are looking for a fishing adventure then look no further. The expertise and local fishing knowledge aboard the C-Level is second to none. When you go fishing with Captain Brian Leonard you will be impressed and put at ease no matter how much you know or don't know about fishing. If it's out there he will find it!
The Captain's Facebook Page

Fishing Near Me | C-Level Sportfishing

Citrus is the place for good breakfast plain and simple. Having already expanded twice, their reputation speaks for itself. If you're looking for good home-cooked food served by a group of delightful people then look no further. Citrus Breakfast and Lunch has something for everybody. Serving up Mimosas for breakfast and signature soups and entrees for lunch, you're sure to find something new to love about this place every time you go.

Google Place Page

Brunch Near Me | Citrus Breakfast and Lunch

The Bounce House has six awesome locations for kids.. but if you want the cream of the crop, you've gotta see this! The Bounce House @ Virginia Beach Oceanfront at 24th Street is the world's largest inflatable slide, right on the beach! 175 feet long and 40 feet high! It’s like having your own personal theme park right on the beach! Come by the Virginia Beach oceanfront's newest attraction on Beachstreet USA and take a ride on "The Hippo" TODAY! You won't regret it.

Amusement Near Me | Bounce House

Owl's Creek golf course is a beautifully challenging golf course in Virginia Beach. Don't let the shortness fool you, this golf course has provided years of fun for golfers of all types. Always kept in great condition and a very nice laid-back approach to the game, Owl's Creek will keep you coming back for more! One of the most elevated courses in the area, this course provides a unique experience unmatched in the Hampton Roads area. If you want something different, this place will take you away from the rest and make you play your best!

Google Place Listing

Golf Near Me | Owl's Creek Golf Course

Grommet Island is a groundbreaking venture that provides beach access in a way never before possible. Completely handicapped accessible, Grommet Island provides guests the ability to enjoy a day at the beach no matter what condition they are in. As part of a major overhaul of the boardwalk in Virginia Beach, it takes up almost the entire 1st street on the beach. Come on down and enjoy the beach like never before!

Park Playground Near Me | Grommet Island

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has been voted the most beautiful theme park for 21 years in a row and counting. This amusement park provides fun for all ages and plenty of stores, food and entertainment of all sorts. Boasting some of the greatest thrill rides on the planet Busch Gardens is sure to peak your interest in more ways than one! They are always adding new fun things like the Mach Tower and the newest addition The Griffon. I've been coming here since I was a kid and it has never failed to amuse anyone I have gone with!
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Amusement Park Near Me | Busch Gardens - Williamsburg

Venue 112 is one of the hippest places in Virginia Beach. It is quickly becoming one of the most visited places for Virginia Beach party go-ers. Setting it off nightly with rockin local music on a stage above the bar and/or sporting events being displayed on one of their many flat screen TV's placed everywhere you look, Venue 112 is the place to be! Great food and a wonderful staff add to this VB nightspots allure. Come hang with the cool kids and dance the night away!

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Bar Near Me | Venue 112

Home of the Crush Fest and the all time famous Original Waterman's Orange Crush. Fresh squeezed and sure to please with orange vodka, triple sec and a splash of Sprite! If you're looking for the perfect place to relax in the heart of Beachstreet USA on the Virginia Beach boardwalk then look no further. Delicious food, great drinks and awesome music, the beach lifestyle doesn't get any better than Waterman's Surfside Grill
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Seafood Near Me | Waterman's Surfside Grill

Motorworld is one of the coolest and best ways to spend a day in Virginia Beach. They are located next to one of the largest putt-putt arenas around, Ocean Breeze waterpark and a paintball arena. If you have an itch for action get on over to Motor World today! Recently they have found new ownership which will likely turn this area into one of the hottest attractions along the East Coast.
Facebook Fan Page

Amusement Park Near Me | MotorWorld

Gold Key is an exciting part of Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads. They have been dominating the work force since their arrival and will be here for a long time. Whether you are looking for something fun to do or just looking for a job, Gold Key, is the place that you want to go in Hampton Roads!

Jobs Near Me | Gold Key